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Our purpose is to Teach, Train, Motivate, Mentor, Equip,and Empower. We aim to Speak into the souls of men and women true purpose and identity, and to prepare them to take dominion over the Earth!


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It would seem that no matter how lucrative  the opportunity, how noble the cause, or how great the benefits of any particular venture, we still need to be PUSHED into making that first decision!  This presentation is designed to help you find your Motivation! What is your "why"? Who is effected by your inaction? By the end of this presentation you will want to get started on your goals!


My uncle put it like this, "After you discover what you want, you discover what you have to do to get it! There will  ALWAYS be something that you have to do!"  That "have to" my uncle was referring to is the process. If you want a college degree you have to submit to the PROCESS of course work, lectures, labs, test, and study, if you want to be a body builder you have to submit to the PROCESS of long hours at the gym, and a strict diet. This SERIES of presentions are designed to help you make your way through the hard times, and understand what the PROCESS is intended to teach!


After you've been PUSHED and PROCESSED something new is PRODUCED in you! The PRODUCT is designed to show you a glimpse of your future. In order to truly be successful you have to "see" you goals accomplished before you even begin!!